Trademark FAQs

The trademark FAQs cover trademark basic questions, trademark basics with infographics and trademark package related questions. Please click on any of the following frequently asked questions to get answers! 

Trademark Questions

Q. Why I need federal USPTO trademark registration?

Q. Trademark vs Service mark vs Collective mark?

Q. Standard Character Mark vs Design Mark differences?

Q. Why hire a trademark attorney?

Q. How to Trademark a Business Name, Phrase/ Slogan/ tagline?

Q. What is trademark symbol? Which trademark symbol I need to use?

Q. How to trademark a phrase?

Q. Amazon brand registry trademark registration requirement?

Q. Statement of use filing affidavit?

Q. What is trademark renewal timeline?

Q. Incontestable trademark affidavit necessity?

Q. Trademark assignment recordation at USPTO?

Trademark Package Service Questions

Q. Trademark search necessity?

Q. Get US word mark registration package?

Q. Pick US Word mark and design / logo registration package?

Q. How can I believe online trademark legal service?

Q. What are non-substantive office actions under your package?

Q. What are substantive office actions under your package?

Additional trademark FAQs will be added to the above list on a regular basis by the trademark attorney. This will help prospective and present clients to get an understanding of the trademark process at USPTO.

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