Affordable Trademark Attorney

  • A mark can be entitled to federal trademark registration based on use in the sale of goods or services in interstate commerce. We offer affordable trademark attorney services. 
  • A professional trademark search of the mark with the help of a commercial search software is recommended. The search should include federal and state databases along with common law marks. Legal analysis of the search results by a trademark attorney based on trademark law is crucial. Certainly, search and analysis are suggested steps before applying for a federal trademark application.
  • Please refer to trademark FAQs for detailed answers to some of the questions on the trademark application process with USPTO.
  • Registration gives greater protection and authority to individuals, businesses, and brand owners who advertise and list products.  This is invaluable, for businesses selling on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Etsy stores.  Above all, it can be used to exclude other similar looking counterfeit products.

Trademark Search

Affordable Trademark Attorney

Our comprehensive trademark search is extensive and forms the basic foundation for trademark registration. Search is included, in the trademark registration package. 

  • USPTO federal trademark Search.
  • All 50 States trademark databases search.
  • Common law trademark search and Domain names.
  • Opinion letter based on search results and trademark law by attorney.
  • Optional 35 minute session to talk about search results and opinion letter.
  • 2nd search at a discounted rate based on negative opinion of 1st search.

Trademark clearance search

  • A clearance search is the most important step of the trademark application process.

  • After narrowing down the mark name and design by the trademark owner, the clearance process starts.

  • Trademark owners preferably should not invest in the branding of the mark until the clearance by the US trademark attorney

  • The trademark clearance search process is unique depending on the type of mark you want to protect. The various types of marks include name or word mark, logo or design mark, name plus design mark, etc.  

  • All pending and registered trademarks are classified under the international class of goods and services.

  • Federal search results are determined by the type of goods and services sold and brand identification in the international classification system.

  • Logo or design trademark clearance is slightly complicated. It involves understanding design search codes and other combinations of other identification factors.

  • Upon completion of the trademark clearance, the trademark application process may be initiated with the help of a U.S. trademark attorney.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Search and Opinion package.
  • Drafting of the application by attorney.
  • Filing of application by attorney.
  • Office action responses that are non-substantive and merely procedural.
  • Consultation via email about the application status throughout the process.
  • Applicable to any of U.S. in-use 1(a) application and foreign origin section 44 application for priority date.
  • Electronic registration certificate, upon issuance.
  • Do not include USPTO filing fee of $ 225 or $ 275 per class depending on type of electronic application.
  • Additional fee for intent to use applications in the form of statement of use fee to USPTO.
  • Substantive office action responses are not included.

TEAS Plus vs TEAS RF Application

  • The abbreviation of TEAS is the Trademark Electronic Application System. The two most popular trademark applications are TEAS Plus and TEAS RF (or Reduced Fee).

  • Trademark attorney strategy and search result determines the type of application use.

  • TEAS Plus applicants need to choose goods and services from a pre-determined classification list. This is useful when your goods and services are clear and distinct. Furthermore, the specified description probably will not cause a likelihood of confusion with other marks. The cost of the TEAS Plus application is $ 225 per class of goods or services selection.

  • TEAS RF (or Reduced Fee) application is suitable when you want to describe your own goods and services. Furthermore, you want to describe your description to lower the risk of the office action. The cost of the TEAS RF application is $ 275 per class of goods or services.

Trademark a Name and Logo

trademark application

  • US registration of word which includes search package.
  • trademark logo or design mark registration.
  • Full trademark search and opinion package.
  • Attorney drafting and filing of an application.
  • Office action responses that are non-substantive and merely procedural.
  • Consultation via email about the application status throughout the process.
  • Electronic registration certificate, upon issuance.
  • Do not include USPTO filing fee of $ 225 or $ 275 per class depending on type of electronic application​.
  • Substantive office action reponses are not included.

Trademark Cost

  • Trademark cost for federal trademark registration depends on the selection of the number of classes for goods and services.

  • Design mark or logo can be in (i) design only; (ii) words plus design, numbers, and letters; (iii) letters, words and numbers in a stylized format.

  • USPTO filing fees are separate for word mark and logo even though they are in the same classification. It is always better to have separate applications for word mark and logo because you may use them separately. Therefore, the filing fee cost under two TEAS RF applications for both name and logo for one class is 2 × $ 275 = $ 550.

  • Our affordable trademark attorney offers registration service upon selection of the application.

Trademark Services

Briefly about legal Services

Trademark legal fees for small businesses, start-ups, and individuals can be cost-prohibitive. Bharath Konda, Esq. provide online trademark legal services at an affordable rate for individuals and businesses. That is why we prefer to call ourselves affordable trademark attorney.

For registration purposes, a comprehensive trademark check is “highly” suggested. The search results are used to access the risk of denial and any future opposition proceedings at USPTO. This trademark search service is already included in the registration package. Similarly, the search service is also included in name and logo (or design mark) registration packages. 

Below are our two popular packages that cover your trademark application service with USPTO.

The registration package covers either of the following services. They include the following:

  •  Standard character mark and comprehensive trademark search


Trademark logo and comprehensive trademark search.

Another package covers the trademark name and the logo package covers both of the following services.

  • Trademark search


               Standard character mark registration


          Trademark logo registration. 

All of the ordering forms are responsive and can be used by both US and foreign applicants. In addition, these forms cover many trademark filing basis. Extra care was taken in designing this website, to make it easy for prospective and current clients. Thus, you can order something with clarity and have a reasonable expectation of service.

Further About Attorney

Attorney Bharath Konda went to one of the best law schools for the Intellectual property law program. Additionally, law School consistently ranked in the top schools for Intellectual property law concentration. Please feel free to check Bharath Konda attorney profile page at MN state Bar association. Trademark attorney providing legal services is all of the following:

  • The attorney is licensed in Minnesota & Washington D.C.
  • The attorney has years of combined industry and legal experience.
  • He has a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  • He has a Master’s degree in Telecom. & Computer networking Engineering.
  • Expertise in trademark licensing matters. Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses protecting the goodwill of the trademark.
  • Besides trademark expertise, he can handle matters in other areas of Intellectual property law. They include Copyright, technology-related transactions, and trade secrets.

Please find additional attorney information on our about page. Besides providing trademark FAQs with in-depth answers, bharath konda answered many trademark questions on several platforms. Please check our trademark attorney profile on legal information retrieval websites such as Avvo and Justia.

Bharath Konda answered many trademark related questions from public on Justia ask a lawyer platform. Some trademark attorney answers on these websites include about trademark protection for goods and services and trademark symbols.

Trademark Articles

Please check the detailed legal articles on the following intellectual property matters:

We provide trademark-related legal services to the entire 50 states. Furthermore, we also serve foreign clients who want to get registration in the U.S.A. from all over the world. Even more, we prioritize in providing affordable trademark attorney services at flat fee rates. 

Trademark Specimen

  • To show the use of the trademark, the applicant is required to submit a specimen to the USPTO.

  • For design marks, the specimen of the mark submitted must look very close to the application diagram.

  • Specimens must not be created or altered to show use only for the purpose of trademark registration.  Most importantly, bona fide or genuine use of the mark that benefit trade is required.

  • Digitally created or altered specimens are viewed by USPTO examining attorney with caution and may lead to rejection. If the digital specimen does not show the use of the mark in trade between states, then it will be rejected. 

  • Trademark specimen examples vary from industry to industry. An e-commerce web-page selling clothes showing check-out with date, quantity and price along with the use of the mark can be a specimen. Above all, the specimen should be in the supported format such as JPG image or PDF format.

  • In short, a trademark attorney advises on specimen matters can save a lot of time and money. 

Post trademark registration issues

  • Once registration is issued, it needs to be managed with “goodwill.” Indiscriminate or naked licensing of the registered trademark to anyone without monitoring its reputation may result in loss of registration status.
  • Trademark owner must periodically update USPTO between 5-6 years with affidavits and 9-10 years after registration with trademark renewal. Furthermore, failure to do so will result in abandonment of federal trademark protection.
  • All of our services are based on flat fee trademark registration rates. There will not be any additional costs without client prior knowledge. Furthermore, you can select several categories of  trademark attorney services by clicking on the below button.

Why hire us for US trademark attorney services?

We offer various affordable trademark attorney services highlighted below.

These other services include opposition, cancellation proceedings, maintenance of trademarks, and licensing of trademarks.

Our attorney has a deep understanding of trademark subject matter including other related areas of intellectual property law.  These areas include copyrights, trade secrets, and technology transactions. This will help us to resolve multiple intellectual property issues at a time for a client. That is the contrast between our trademark lawyer who is also an engineer with years of industry experience and other online trademark services.