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Why You Shouldn’t Get a Trademark

A trademark provides a lot of protection for your company, but it’s also a time-consuming and costly process. Even without a trademark, a business owner can protect their brand. It can take a long time to register a trademark. The procedure of registering a trademark can be lengthy; the preparation of your application might take […]

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What is trademark renewal timeline?

Any organization must docket the trademark renewal timeline in the calendar. There are two types of affidavits you need to file at different intervals of time after trademark registration. These varying timeline for each of the below types will be explained in detail. They include: Section 8 trademark affidavit or declaration of use. Section 9 […]

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Hire a Trademark Attorney

Should I hire a trademark attorney? Yes. Why should I hire a trademark attorney? Please read the following in its entirety and judge it for yourself. For any successful business venture, brand recognition is essential. To manage the brand of the business, it is beneficial to have a federal trademark registration. Generally, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses looking […]

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