Trademark assignment recordation

Trademark assignment recordation gives “public notice” to the entire world that there is change in ownership interest, creditor interest, license etc. Both the owner of the trademark as well as a party receiving the license or security interest may want to record their interest at USPTO. Recordation can done at USPTO for any of the following: 

Trademark assignment recordation image

  1. Assignment of entire interest and goodwill in the trademark.

  2. Name change of owner of the trademark. 

  3. Entity name change (example corporation to L.L.C.).

  4. Corporate merger (example include Forward Triangular Merger (F.T.M.), Reverse Triangular Merger (R.T.M.)).

  5. Trademark license agreement (Both exclusive and non-exclusive license).

  6. Security interest.

  7. Release of security interest.  

  8. Lien on trademark.

  9. Option.

You can record your assignment with the help of trademark attorney by clicking the below button and entering appropriate information. If you have any other questions, please refer to the other trademark FAQs.

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