How can I believe online trademark legal service?

We are offering trademark legal services online. As a trademark attorney, I am governed by ethical guidelines for attorneys’ in Minnesota and District and Columbia. Any information you submitted by order is secured by 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. 

Legal fees not earned is refundable to the client when you chose to terminate the service before rendering of those services. Legal fees are earned in proportion to the time expended on the application search, drafting, filing, and any administrative fees. Trademark application fee to USPTO once paid, is not refundable in most circumstances. The separate engagement agreement for each service will further illustrate how much is refundable when you terminate the service.

Page Author: Bharath Konda, Esq.

 Bharath Konda is a trademark attorney. He has a law license in Minnesota and the District of Columbia. He provides trademark registration services for individuals and businesses. You can check the Bharath Konda attorney profile page at MN state Bar Association.