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What is a trademark symbol? Which symbol I need to use?

There are three types of trademark symbols including ®, SM, and TM. ® is a registration symbol. It can only used with registered trademark. Further, it denotes mark registered r with a circle around it and placed at the superscript. The registered trademark can be in principal or supplemental register

Trademark Symbol - Registered

Owner of the mark must not use ®, registered trademark symbol even during pending trademark application at USPTO.  Waiting until the issue of registration is appropriate. TM symbol or TM sign is used before registration for marks that sell or advertises goods to sell in commerce. The trademark TM superscript on the mark can be used irrespective of the registration status at USPTO. SM symbol is used for marks that provide services to others in commerce. Similarly, SM superscript can be used irrespective of the registration status at USPTO

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  1. Bharath, I came to know from this page, that there is a limitation on the use of the trademark registration symbol to the registered marks. Thanks for the information.

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