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Comparison of Principal and Supplemental Registers

Principal and Supplemental Trademark Registers

It is highly desirable to get registration on principal register due to above noted advantages. However, due to the issues such as descriptiveness of the mark, it need to be registered on the supplemental register. After few years, whenever it acquires distinctiveness with the public, you may request to change registration to principal register.

To order trademark attorney service for registration on USPTO Principal or Supplemental Register, please select either of the below two options. 

  1. US Word Mark Registration.
  2. Both US Word and/ or Design Mark Registration.
US Word Mark Registration Package US Word Mark and/or Design Logo Registration

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2 thoughts on “Comparison of Principal and Supplemental Trademark Registers”

  1. I understood the basic differences between trademark principal and supplemental registers from this post. Thanks.

  2. The purpose of principal and supplemental registers is different. You should try to pursue registration on principal register. Sometimes, your trademark may have to be registered supplemental register.

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