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Pick US Word mark and design /logo registration package?

This package covers trademark application services of both standard character and stylized design of the business products and/or services. Further, with this package, you will have a full search of the mark along with opinion of the trademark attorney

The trademark cost of the US word mark and logo registration package is $ 689. It is economical to pick this package due to its comprehensiveness. It is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to register their business name and logo together. 

This package is also useful to small businesses and corporations who innovate on their products with new featured names and stylized designs. 

If you choose to get word mark and design logo separately, then get the US registration package. However, the trademark cost of each one of them would be $ 459.

Assuming that there are no initial refusals or office action during the examination, the USPTO examining attorney will approve the mark for publication in the gazette. If there is no opposition to the publication, then the mark will result in a registration. All of the above costs do not include USPTO filing fees of $ 225 or $ 275 per international class of goods or services.


Example of US word mark

Standard Character Mark example - Tesla

Example of design plus word mark

Design plus work mark example - Tesla

US Word mark AND design (logo) registration

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  1. From this page, I knew that I can apply for word mark and logo registration simultaneously in different applications.

  2. Stuart, you can apply for word mark and design/ logo trademark registration simultaneously. It is usually best practice to use different trademark applications.

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